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An Old Libertine Fucks His Granddaughter's Young Girlfriend

Russian Russian babe named Selena Mur was visiting her friend, when the girl was left alone at home, she decided to take a selfie in a variety of poses, while the baby took off her panties, because that's the kind of selfies this Russian bitch loved to do. Returning home, the old grandfather saw his granddaughter's girlfriend was, frankly, in shock, but at the same time he was very excited, because at his age it is not every day possible to see such a seductive naked beauty. He decided to teach the girl a lesson, but he decided to do it is not standard at all. The bearded old man quickly dived between the legs of the beauty and began to gently lick her sweet pussy, after which he took out his penis and stuck it right into the baby's mouth. The Russian brunette was shocked by such actions of the old man, but decided to please her friend's grandfather, because at that moment the baby wanted sex no less than this old pervert. Bearded grandpa fucked a young girl in a variety of poses, finally finishing the beauty on her pretty face.

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