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232 3 months ago 25:19

Drunk Peasant Fucked A Cute Girl On New Year's Eve

The peasant, left completely alone for the new year, decided to get drunk, he recalled when in his youth every holiday for him was truly a holiday, and now he is forced to sit all alone drinking bitter alcohol. Although the peasant did not believe in a miracle, but the alcohol in his blood forced the uncle to write a letter to Santa, in which he asked to get an appetizing girl who would not mind having fun with him. After that, the man passed out. . . When the guy woke up, he saw an appetizing girl named Cherie Deville sucking his cock. The guy immediately thought it was a dream, but he didn't want it to end, because at that moment he got everything he wanted. The beauty gave a lonely guy a very good blowjob, after which she pulled off her panties and climbed her pink pussy on his hard dick. The boy in a variety of poses began to fuck a young girl, bringing the baby to a violent orgasm. The beauty moaned very loudly, because this guy was just a great lover. The conclusion of all this action was that the peasant threw out warm sperm from his penis right into the mouth of an appetizing blonde.

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