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Mature Man Fucks His Adult Daughter

Tommy has been experiencing financial difficulties lately and cannot pay off his debts, he does not know what to do since he recently lost his job. His daughter Gina Valentina constantly asks for money from her beloved daddy, and today is the first time when the baby did not get what she wanted. The beauty was very upset, but she got into her father's position and offered him a very quick way to earn ten thousand dollars. The baby took the camera from her friend and began to persuade her father to fuck her for a family porn site. The peasant tried to resist the charm of a young daughter, but he did not succeed, the girl quickly took off all her clothes and attacked her father's penis. The beauty was very pleased with her dad's penis, because it was quite a decent size. Without letting the camera out of his hands, the peasant filmed how his own daughter sucks his dick, after a blowjob, the girl sat down on the man's strong boner and began to ride on his penis. Forgetting about the fact that he fucks his own daughter, Tommy tried to show his best side, because the financial situation of the whole family depends on this video. Having fucked the girl well in different poses, the peasant finished the baby right on her face. Deciding to watch the video, the baby told daddy the bad news, it turns out that the recording did not go, and they did not take anything off, so the father will have to fuck his own daughter again by filming this process on camera.

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