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96 1 month ago 19:59

The Guy Fucked Two Hot Blondes In The Gym

Hot girl Kenna James and her girlfriend Natalia Starr decided to start going to the gym to prepare their figure for the beach season. The beauties signed up for a not very popular gym, so there were always very few people there. Quite often the girls were there all alone and sometimes they could afford to have a little fun. Today, a pretty nice guy came to the girls in the hall, he immediately drew attention to the beauties, and the beauties, in turn, decided to seduce this boy in order to fuck him properly. The little ones quickly seduced the guy by exposing their tender asses, after which they approached him. . . The boy didn't know what to do, but he figured it out in time and started kissing these blonde bitches. The beauties took his hard cock out of the guy's pants and began to give him a blowjob. After the blowjob, the girls put their wet pussies under the hard dick of the boy and were fucked in a variety of poses. The boy liked to train with these hot blondes and in the future he hopes that he will repeat such an intense workout with hot bitches.

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