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A Music Teacher Taught A Modest Girl Sex

An innocent girl named Hannah Hays wanted to study music, and her parents hired her a nice teacher. The shy little girl obediently follows all the instructions, and studies the notes necessary to play the piano. Such modesty excites the teacher, because he decides to teach the baby a lesson in sex education. He gently kisses the student and unbuttons her blouse, exposing her small tits. The blonde's tiny hands hesitantly take his penis, and smoothly masturbate. Her mouth is trying to give an experienced man as much pleasure as possible, but the bitch is embarrassed to act more actively, because her tongue touches the head with excitement. After a gentle blowjob, the man pushes her legs apart, and, taking off her white panties, runs his fingers over her labia. The baby shudders and closes her eyes, feeling how he penetrates deeper into the young cap. After making sure that the pussy is wet enough, he turns her to his ass and slowly enters her. Every movement of the teacher is filled with care, he wants to make the ward feel good with his penis, so that the beauty would still want to attend his intimate lessons.

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