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Cute Boy Gently Fucks His Russian Baby

A seductive Russian beauty named Lucy Heart first of all returned home with her boy and went to the shower. The couple pretty much had too much alcohol, they even took a bottle of champagne with them, because at that moment they didn't care at all. The girl, drinking champagne, began to gently kiss her beloved, and after the guy got a dick, the girl quickly knelt down and began to give the boy a blowjob. The boy did not stay in the shower for a long time, because it was quite uncomfortable to fuck there, so the boy went into the bedroom and a few minutes later a clean Russian beauty came out to him. The baby quickly threw off her towel and sat down on the sharp tongue of the boy with her pink pussy. The boy properly moistened his baby's pussy, after which he once again stuck his dick in the baby's mouth. After exchanging oral caresses, the girl finally climbed onto the hard trunk of her beloved and began to jump on it. The boy quite gently fucked his beauty in a variety of poses, at the end dropping warm sperm right into the girl's mouth.

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