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Pretty Woman Gave A Trainer With A Small Dick

A slender brunette in a yellow tracksuit named Valentina Bianco has been doing gymnastics for several years, she has achieved good results in creating an ideal body, without a drop of fat. However, during this time, she was hungry for male affection, and her coach was constantly around and this really turns the young athlete on. Their eyes were constantly focused on each other's perfect bodies, but they were shy about it. One day, during the next training session, the couple had a closer and closer contact, this gave an impetus to the passion bubbling in them. After touching the ass to the pubic part of the guy, the girl noticed the tension of his penis, but continued to tease the guy. Soon the guy bared his small-sized friend and even inserted him under the athlete's leotard, which made their excitement could no longer be restrained and the couple surrendered to the passion accumulated over the years. To begin with, without removing the tights, the guy caressed the crotch of the beauty, but could not stand it and tore up the place where his trunk would penetrate. With a sharp, assertive movement, the penis turned out to be in the hot embrace of the brunette's vagina, which made her moan loudly and loudly, which further betrayed confidence in the athlete's forward movements.

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