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455 2 months ago 26:47

A Maniac In The Forest Fucked A Young Girl

A young cutie named Aubrey Sinclair came with her mom to order a taxi to the address. The place was gloomy and looked like some kind of hospital for psychos. Mom got out, and a strange man with glasses got into the girl's car. The girl started off and drove to the right address. On the way, the guy told who he was and what a strange place there was. In fact, the girl was right, it was a psychiatric hospital, and this guy is crazy, who served his time there. The baby was very scared, and besides, they drove into the forest. Then suddenly the car starts to stall, the girl immediately goes out and the psycho follows her. The man examined the car and told the naive bitch that he knew what the breakdown was, and would tell only after a blowjob. The baby did not hesitate and started a passionate blowjob. After that, they opened the trunk of the car, and the bitch undressed and spread her legs leaning against the trunk. A strange type fucked a young beauty well and finished on her face. The slut wiped herself with wet wipes, got dressed and was already getting into the car, but the psycho met her with a knife.

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