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668 10 months ago 32:25

A Young Boy Fucked The Ghost Of The Deceased Bride

A young guy has not been able to sleep for several days due to the fact that a bloody girl in a wedding dress scares him, this time the kid decided to take a picture on camera to make sure that he did not go crazy, every time he closed his eyes, the girl Aria Alexander appeared who scared him very much, the guy screamed at the whole the room and called his mother. When the boy's mother came into the room, the dead bride was already disappearing. The guy shouted and called mom several times, but again the situation was repeated, the mom told her son to calm down and fall asleep and that she had much more important things to do. When the mother left, the ghost of the girl appeared again, but this time the guy did not scream, but decided to find out what she wanted from him. The bloody little girl told the guy her sad story that it was in this house many years ago that she was killed right in bed and she did not have time to enjoy the first sex, so she wants to do it with the boy. While the kid was thinking, the ghost of the girl had already taken out his penis and started sucking it, after the blowjob, the beauty climbed onto the boy's hard penis and started jumping on it. The boy fucked a pretty, but already dead girl in a variety of poses and finished her right on the tongue, after which the beauty simply disappeared. . .

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