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Curly-haired Guy Gently Fucked A Girl On The First Date

Like most girls, our charming beauty Sydney Cole did not have time to get ready on time for a first date with a young boy, when the boy came to the baby, the girl was not ready yet and asked the boy to wait for her. After a while, the baby went down to the guy in a charming dress and asked the male to help her fasten it. It turned out that the snake on the dress broke and the baby decided to take it off right in front of the young guy. The boy was shocked by this behavior from the girl, but at the same time he was very glad that the baby was not shy of him. The girl already did not want to go to a restaurant and she decided to start with what dates usually end with. The girl rushed into the boy's arms and began to kiss him gently. The couple quickly moved into the bedroom where the boy began to lick the pink pussy of an appetizing beauty, after that he took out his hard penis and stuck it right into the girl's mouth. The little girl gave the guy an amazing blowjob after which she climbed her pussy on his penis and started jumping wildly on it. The boy fucked this baby in a variety of poses on the first date and in the end finished right in the wet pussy of a pretty blonde.

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